Corporate Responsibilty

We view an active approach to corporate responsibility as more than simply a means to reduce risk. We believe that it provides a genuine competitive advantage and that it helps us to maximize the returns for our shareholders, as well as for the investors in the funds that we advise or manage.

Full consideration of corporate responsibility issues is central to the sustained success of the investment industry. This means thinking about the impact of the firm as well as each investment.

At Virtus Capital we believe that:

  • Aligning interests and ensuring that there is a common sense of purpose with respect to Corporate Responsibility issues is key to our success.
  • We take an active approach to partnership with the boards and management teams in our portfolio that delivers value.
  • Real success depends upon the individual judgments that our staff and our portfolio companies make each day.

Underpinning these judgments are our core values. In all of our activities we aim to:

  • Be commercial and fair;
  • respect the needs of our shareholders, our staff, our suppliers, the local community and the businesses in which we invest;
  • maintain our integrity and professionalism; and
  • strive for continual improvement and innovation.